QUIXKmadeit in 2021
QUIXKmadeit in 2021

QUIXKmadeit Speaks on Obstacles, Advice, and Latest Projects


Las Vegas, Nevada music producer QUIXKmadeit took time to share more details around his latest project release called “The LoFi Project” and offers some advice to fellow producers below.

We appreciate your time, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you tell us more about yourself.

Well, firstly I want to say thank you for the opportunity. I am QUIXKmadeit. I’m originally from Hillsborough, North Carolina but now I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I only started producing about a year and a half ago but in that short amount of time I’ve come across and had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented artists. My favorite genres to make are Hip Hop and RnB but I can make any type of music. 

Tell us more about the obstacles you have faced being a Producer.

The biggest obstacle for me thus far is simply not having the connections to some of these bigger artists. Just listening to their music and being inspired by them makes me want to work but it’s not always so easy to get your beats to the artists because I’m sure they receive thousands of beats on a daily basis. I don’t let this deter me though and instead I have been working with the local artists in Las Vegas as well as back home in North Carolina. I like to believe that once I’m making enough noise all the artists I want to work with will find me.

What is 1 piece of advice you would give to a rising Producer, or any creative working with the music industry?

My one piece of advice for producers would be to offer some sort of value beyond your beats. There are a million producers in the world but what is it about you that makes you stand out? It doesn’t have to be anything major. It can be as simple as helping promote the song or if you know how to engineer then mix the artists vocals as well, you can even create the artwork if you know how to do that but all of that stuff brings more value to the table and helps you stand out above other producers who are just looking for a payday. 

Share your opinion on what you feel is the largest opportunity for improvement within the music industry.

I personally feel like from a producer view point being able to sell your beats online is one of the best opportunities for upcoming producers such as myself. I personally use these platforms to conduct the majority of my business and I feel like it’s something that not too many people know how to  utilize correctly.

What projects are you working on throughout the remainder of 2021?

I just released my first solo project called “The LoFi Tape” on all streaming platforms. I have a joint project with my boy Kenyadda slotted to come out in September hopefully. I also have a few other songs I produced dropping in September. I have a song with my boy Beku San dropping sometime this month. I also have a few major placements in the works with a few artists that hopefully come out.

Tell us, what is your 5 year plan?

In 5 years i see myself owning my own studio where artists can come record and maybe even having my own team of producers signed to a label that i started. Hopefully within the next 5 years i can also have a grammy under my belt. I truly think it’s possible if i continue to put the hard work in. in the next 5 years i would also like to release an album to showcase all of North Carolina’s best talent.